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Why We Do What We Do

We envision a community where we teach and empower teens and adults on the autism spectrum. Our organization does this by giving them the opportunity to learn organizational, communication, community and administrative skills.



Back in March 2020, my daughter, Paige, was out of school because of the pandemic. Paige has autism, apraxia of speech and epilepsy. To effectively continue to teach Paige, her teacher and I decided to take action in harvesting citrus from her teacher's property. Paige absolutely loved the process of picking oranges, lemons and grapefruits from trees. She learned organizational skills, time management skills, and communication skills by providing recipes and donor thank you letters. With this new found success we knew we were onto something so….We decided to deliver produce bags to the school staff all for FREE.

We now have a thriving business which received nonprofit status in January 2021. We envision Paiges’s Pantry as an all-inclusive non-profit that will work tirelessly to find a way for ALL volunteers to participate in. We want them to be a part of the business that works for them, building both life and job skills all while continuously giving back to the community. We assemble and deliver 50+ bags a week to school staff, churches, our autism families, our community and those experiencing food insecurity, all throughout San Diego county.

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