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California Regions and Crops

By Tom Midford

Regions of California

There are four major regions of California: desert, valley, mountain, and coastal. The

desert is defined by high temperatures and limited water. The Valley region is made up

of the Central Valley and is hot and dry in the summer, but cool and damp in the winter.

The Mountain region is dominated by the Sierra Nevada and Coast ranges. It provides

water via snow to cities and farms.Most Californians live on the Coast. The coast is

relatively temperate due to breezes from the Pacific Ocean.


The main crops of California include grapes, almonds, pistachios, strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes and oranges. Most crops are grown in the Central Valley. Grapes are grown for both the table and wine. 82% of the world’s almonds come from California. 99% of America’s pistachios also come from here. 90% of America’s strawberries come from this state. 90% of lettuce grown in the U.S. is from California. 50% of the processed tomato products in the world and 90% of the processed tomato products in the US are grown in California. California produces 80% of fresh oranges in the US.


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